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Note that when the shell thickness is ignored, the void volume concentration (VVC) is equal to the PVC.
Consequently, variations in the shell thickness [epsilon] only modify the optical properties of HPPs' systems, either by changing the VVC at constant PVC or by altering the spatial state of dispersion of the microvoids within the paint him.
The romance of the MG legend continues in the form of this beautiful MGf 1.8i VVC, worth pounds l8,795, which comes with a range of standard features including alarm/ immobiliser, alloy wheels, power steering and driver's airbag.
It is been agreed between the 'Federatie Betaald voetbal Organisaties' (FBO), Vereniging Voor Contractspelers' (VVCS) and ProProf The FBO is the union for the clubs and all Dutch clubs are member of this organization.
(27) The FBO, VVCS and ProProf will be explained extensively in chapter 4.2.