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VVERVoda-Vodyanoi Energetichesky Reaktor (Russian: Pressurized Water Reactor)
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The Project will include four units equipped with VVER 1200 reactors.
Thus, in order to plan and evaluate a research project devoted to improvement of the VVER safety-efficiency balance by means of improved controlling the fuel cladding fracture due to damage accumulation, the next issue is the composition and structure of such prospective automated system for fuel properties control, intending to implement it at a standard nuclear power unit with a VVER-1000 reactor presently used in Ukraine.
VVER is a Russian nomenclature for water-cooled and ater-moderated reactors.
Iran could also fabricate UO2 pellets for VVER fuel assemblies in advance of making assemblies and loading and irradiating the fuel in a power reactor, as the UO2 would be chemically stable after pelletization.
Located 30 kilometres west of the capital, Yerevan (NOTE: SPELLING IS CORRECT), Metsamor was originally shut down after a 1988 earthquake devastated Armenia but one of its two VVER 440 USSR-vintage reactors was re-launched after a six year hiatus to rescue the country from severe energy shortages due to a blockade by neighbours Azerbaijan and Turkey.
* 10 VVER 440/230 pressurized water reactors, including two units at Bohunice;
Following from the SET-plan priorities, it is proposed to improve the VVER safety-efficiency balance by means of ensuring the hermeticity of fuel element (FE) claddings based on the creep energy theory method (CET-method) [5, 6], in order to minimize the radioactive leakage through fuel claddings into the VVER circuit, for normal operation conditions including variable loading modes.
The power plant on the bank of the Danube river operates two Russian-made VVER pressurized water reactors with generation capacity of 1,000 MW each.
Bulgaria's only nuclear power plant--Kozloduy NPP, which operates two 1000-megwatt VVER units each, has a contract with Russia's TVEL for the treatment of spent nuclear fuel, which is afterwords returned for storage in Bulgaria.
The Russian-designed Voda Voda Energo Reactor (VVER) achieved the final milestone nearly eight months after power generated at the plant was connected to the grid.
The firms are collaborating to propose new nuclear power reactors using Rosatom's VVER technology, the report said.