VVHValley View Hospital (Glenwood Springs, CO)
VVHVereniging Van Haptotherapeuten (Dutch therapist association)
VVHVerified Vertical and Horizontal (engineering)
VVHVertex Venture Holdings (est. 1988; Singapore)
VVHVereniging van Vlaamse Huisvestingsmaatschappijen (Dutch: Association of Flemish Housing; Belgium)
VVHVictims' Voices Heard (Dover, DE)
VVHVolunteers for the Visually Handicapped (former name of Services for the Visually Impaired; Maryland)
VVHVerification of Vertical and Horizontal (utilities)
VVHVieux Volants Hennuyers (French; automobile club; Belgium)
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VVH is committed to assisting "other victims/survivors of crime in their need to meet with their offender and hear them take responsibility for their crime and express remorse." (1)
The keys to VVH's success in Delaware are three-fold.
As a contractor to DDOC, VVH is able to focus on each program it offers.
The single-line VVH system demonstrated quiet operation in the vacuum interval from 20 to 24 in.
The condensing boiler design, geometry, and operation logistics might need to be reconsidered for a VVH system.
The morphometric parameters (Vvh, Nvh, and Nak) were much more in all the experimental animals in comparison to controls.
There was a successive increase in Vvh and Nvh as the number of heat exposures increases (Table 2).
Other readers who have not experienced a crime will find much of value, as well: moving, powerful stories of redemption, and a profound view of the emotional aspect of criminal justice and what new groups such as VVH are doing to better attend to it.