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VVIVertical Velocity Indicator
VVIVelocity Vector Imaging (trademark of Siemens AG)
VVIVinnie Vincent Invasion (band)
VVIVermont Volunteer Infantry (Civil War)
VVIVenevisión International (Spanish language entertainment company; est. 1971)
VVISanta Cruz, Bolivia - Viru Viru International (Airport Code)
VVIVVimaging, Inc.
VVISingle Chamber Ventricular Pacemaker
VVIVietnam Veterans Institute (est. 1981)
VVIVelocity Vector Indicator (gaming)
VVIVehicle Verification and Identification
VVIVanishing Vendor Issue (US Air Force)
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With the obtained images, off-line analysis was performed by VVI software (Syngo 3.
To compare the VVI parameters and IMT intra-group, a Student's paired t -test was used.
The analysis of VVI was performed by one experienced observer.
The VVI parameters and IMT of the left carotid were not statistically different from those of the right carotid in both groups ( P > 0.
The ipsilateral carotid of the stroke group showed statistically higher VVI parameters compared with the contralateral carotid ( P < 0.
The intra-observer and inter-observer reproducibility of VVI parameters of the ipsilateral CCA were tested (intra-observer, 9.
3+] ion quantities; they were followed by the VVC and then the VVI.
The reagents used have a particular effect on the speed of the FM, VVC and VVI dissolution rates and on the [Al.
Un analisis quimico inicial realizado a estos tres materiales arrojo que los VVI presentan el mayor porcentaje de Si (31.
Los VVI contienen concentraciones apreciables de potasio (K) y sodio (Na) (3.
2] se presentan en una relacion 1 a 5 en los VVI (12.
2]O son las siguientes: los VVI tienen el de mayor porcentaje (4.