VVITVidya Vikas Institute of Technology (India)
VVITVisual-Visual Integration Test
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Vista International plans to strengthen and cultivate EPECo with the intent of aligning the company within VVIT in the near future.
Several international engineering firms met with Vista and VVIT personnel and expressed interest in a partnership to build out the necessary plants and infrastructures for VVIT's Thermal Gasifier technology.
In the Midwest, VVIT management has been contacted regarding projects aimed at using its gasification technology to improve operating results of ethanol plants.
VVIT management has maintained a dialogue with Ing Raul Huerta Romero, Coordinator of Environmental Programs of the State Congress of Jalisco, and expects to advance the status of these projects at meetings scheduled for late January 2008.
This invitation for VVIT management follows the US Dept of Commerce naming Vista International Inc.
VVIT believes that its Thermal Gasifier technology is a superior model for the conversion of waste to clean energy streams.
In addition, VVIT has been working closely with its parent company, Vista International, Inc.
VVIT looked as though longtime leader Puffin Billy had been cracked by Thomas Crapper coming away from the last fence in the novice chase at Ascot and he was done at 40 on Betfair, but he rallied gamely to regain the lead in the final strides.
The Company will trade on the NASDAQ - OTC exchange under the symbol VVIT, effective December 21, 2007.
Jack Donald, Glasgow VVIT is very distressing for everyone concerned with the horse that his sad end made the front page in such a way.
VVIT baffles me why it couldn't have been the 32Red Stewards' Cup, that way you get commerce and retain the tradition - surely what sponsors want to latch on to.
VVIT was great to see Chile play their way against Spain and knock out the world champions but ever since the draw they have been wary of Holland's pace in forward positions.