VVKVorverkauf (German: Advance Purchase)
VVKVoorverkoop (Dutch: Advance Purchase)
VVKVereniging Van Keurslagers (Dutch: Association of Cream Butchers; Netherlands)
VVKVallensbæk Vandskiklub (Denmark)
VVKVolksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (Afrikaans: People’s Chamber Election Commission; South Africa)
VVKVojska Velikog Kolca (Croatian: Grand Army of Poles; gaming)
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VVK Weege has a mobile demonstration system on a trailer that can be driven up to your plant and connected to an air-vent outlet.
10 renovated by Power Machines is being assembled now at the plant installation site by specialists of Hydroremont VVK JSC (RusHydro subsidiary), headed by a supervising engineer of the manufacturer.
LEAPS trading under the ticker symbol VVK will expire in January of 1999, while those trading under ticker symbol LLK will expire in January of 2000.