VVKVorverkauf (German: Advance Purchase)
VVKVoorverkoop (Dutch: Advance Purchase)
VVKVereniging Van Keurslagers (Dutch: Association of Cream Butchers; Netherlands)
VVKVallensbæk Vandskiklub (Denmark)
VVKVolksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (Afrikaans: People’s Chamber Election Commission; South Africa)
VVKVojska Velikog Kolca (Croatian: Grand Army of Poles; gaming)
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VVK Weege has a mobile demonstration system on a trailer that can be driven up to your plant and connected to an air-vent outlet.
W10260 inrichting klimaatunits in gebouw 331-20, Landelijke Genie, Kasteelpark Arenberg 30, 3001 Heverlee perceel 8A: VVK bestek TD/59832.
10 renovated by Power Machines is being assembled now at the plant installation site by specialists of Hydroremont VVK JSC (RusHydro subsidiary), headed by a supervising engineer of the manufacturer.