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VVLVincent Voice Library (Michigan State University)
VVLVariable Valve Lift (Nissan)
VVLVerbund Virtuelles Labor (German: Collaborative Virtual Laboratory; engineering; Reutlingen, Germany)
VVLVereniging voor Logopedisten (Dutch: Association for Speech Therapists)
VvLVereniging Voor Logica (Netherlands)
VVLVision Video Limited
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The BMC Cloud Management solution allows us to adhere very closely to our customers' requirements," said Vinnie Lima, managing director at VVL Systems.
Now ten of their classic films have been remastered and released on video for the first time by VVL.
SUPER SPORT and VVL have teamed up to offer our readers the chance to win a copy of this super video.
The high quality of Sensormatic AM technology is further supported by lab studies conducted for ADT by the Institut fur Distributions und Handelslogistik des VVL e.
THOSE bright chaps at VVL have a piece of history in their paws with a new Laurel and Hardy DVD featuring the duo in two films never seen before in the UK.
To mark the 70th anniversary of Stan and Olly teaming up, VVL announced that it was re-releasing the whole of its Laurel and Hardy back catalogue in digitally restored form.
We've teamed up with VVL Video for 25 readers to win a copy of Harry Enfield Undressed.
Another joint venture was formed with a company in Scotland called VVL (VLSI Vision Limited).
Angela Griffin's Dancemix Workout is out now on VVL.
Donaldson, president and chief executive officer of VVL, stated that the facility was fully permitted by the state of Louisiana to solidify and stabilize all types of nonhazardous oil field wastes, including oil- and water-based muds, cuttings and crude oil-contaminated soils from oil spill cleanup operations.
VISION is the trading name of VLSI Vision Limited, previously known as VVL.
2) Grace had made a series of land donations to HGSI, which VVL claimed had been intended to exclude it from vermiculite reserves in Virginia.