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VVLVariable Valve Lift
VVLVirtual Volume Label
VVLVincent Voice Library (Michigan State University)
VVLVariable Valve Lift (Nissan)
VVLVerbund Virtuelles Labor (German: Collaborative Virtual Laboratory; engineering; Reutlingen, Germany)
VVLVereniging voor Logopedisten (Dutch: Association for Speech Therapists)
VVLVereniging Voor Logica (Netherlands)
VVLVision Video Limited
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Based on HE staining: Vv of the epithelium in carcinoma (Vvep C), Vv of lumen in carcinoma (Vvl C), Vv of stroma in carcinoma (Vvs C), Vv of epithelium in hyperplasia (Vvep H), Vv of lumen in hyperplasia (Vvl H), and Vv of stroma in hyperplasia (Vvs H).
[D.sup.tos] [D.sup.toc] [E.sup.res] [p.sup.choose] L L vL rL L L L vL L L M r L L H r L L vH vvH L M vL L L M L M L M M vL L M H rL L M vH M L H vL vvH L H L M L H M H L H H rL L H vH H M L vL vH M L L vvH M L M L M L H vH M L vH vH M M vL vvL M M L vvL M M M H M M H vH M M vH vvH M H vL vL M H L M M H M rH M H H H M H vH H H L vL vvL H L L L H L M vvL H L H vL H L vH H H M vL vvL H M L vL H M M L H M H vL H M vH vH H H vL rL H H L rL H H M vvH H H H vvH H H vH vH Table 4: The obtained fuzzy rules for 50 nodes.
Table 4: two-dimensional table [f.sub.x] VH H M L VL VVL 43 33 9 1 0 0 0 VH 47 10 19 10 4 4 0 H 128 7 10 32 47 27 5 M 111 0 7 6 26 59 13 L 0 0 0 0 3 5 4 VL 341 50 45 49 80 95 22 [f.sub.y] In this phase, we are seeking to the mutating difference of these categorizations between variables because if these differences are considerable, the general perception will be accepted in relation to the separation of the abilities of the humanistic sciences and mathematic sciences together.
Volume density of islets (VvL) showed significantly higher values in S group (p=0.028).
Or, if the court wished to avoid these questions, it should have relied on the facts of the case, which showed that VVL had proven neither anticompetitive effect nor antitrust injury, as required under section 1 of the Sherman Act.
One hundred runners-up will win copies of the video, produced by VVL and worth pounds 10.99.
But as he sits in his agent's office talking about his new video Live In Scotland (VVL pounds 14.99), he confesses he is preparing to throttle back...
Rory McGrath's Own Goals and Gaffs - The Premiership is released on video and DVD on November 25, courtesy of VVL (Vision Video Ltd).