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VVLP 1997: 282-285), the organization of grammatical relations in Yukatek is variable, such that "pivots" in the sense of VVLP (1997) align with different arguments in different constructions.
in Grimshaw [1990] and L & RH [1995]) or with reference to grammatical relations like "subject" or "(grammatical) pivot" (VVLP 1997), regardless of whether such relations are defined configurationally themselves or not.
VVLP 1997), as is the case in so many Native American languages with two paradigms of cross-reference markers (e.g.
The set-A and set-B cross-reference markers invariably encode the macro-roles of actor and undergoer, respectively, of VVLP (1997).
Baker 1997; Croft 1998; Dowty 1991; Grimshaw 1990; L & RH 1995; VVLP 1997).
the lexeme's "valence" or "sub-categorization frame") and the thematic roles that are linked to these arguments (see Goldberg 1995; Grimshaw 1990; L & RH 1995; VVLP 1997).
The RRG approach to quantifier scope is presented in VVLP, 5.5, and its essential features will be sketched here.
The operators in the operator projection are modifiers of the different layers of the clause, and they are represented in the semantic representation of the sentence (see VVLP, [section]4.4.2).
Dana's car is in the garage, be-in' (garage, ?have' (Dana, car)]) (see VVLP, [section] 4.7.3).
Consider the two possible realizations of the possessive NP LS have' (man, car) (see VVLP, [section] 4.7.3).
See Holisky (1987), Van Valin & Wilkins (1996), VVLP, [section], for detailed discussion.
(8) The technical formulation of the with assignment rule (VVLP: 381) covers both of the situations discussed in this section.