VVNDVVelogenic Viscerotropic Newcastle Disease Virus
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When challenged with vvNDV, 100% efficacy was recorded.
When we used AI killed vaccine an interesting finding was recorded that it produced 60% cross protection against ND, even the group was not vaccinated with ND killed vaccine but challenged with vvNDV field isolate, shows that for somehow there was some association in protecting these two viruses in the field.
Contrary to above work, this experimental trial revealed that GMT values of 6 (log2) or above provided good protection to chickens following challenge with vvNDV. In Pakistan, presently, inactivated ND vaccines are being imported and it consumes a reasonable foreign exchange.
At six weeks postboosting, the birds of each group were challenged by injecting the VVNDV, with 64 HA titre at 0.1 ml/per bird, i.m.