VVNMVerified Voting New Mexico
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These participants have already failed the VVNM task and have not passed a level higher than four on the ABLA, demonstrating that they are not able to pass an arbitrary matching task and some of them may not have been able to pass level four that represents a quasi-identity match.
Recall that this prediction is consistent with the previously described research by Sakko, Martin, Vause, Martin and Yu (2004) concerning the relation between ABLA score and a visual-visual nonidentity matching task (VVNM) as well as the demonstration that identity and arbitrary auditory discriminations fall above ABLA level6 (Barker-Collo, Martin and Boo 1995).
ABLA assessment, VVNM assessment, and tests of auditory matching.
Participants 1 through 3 passed ABLA Level 4, but failed Levels 5 and 6 and VVNM. Participants 4 and 5 passed all six ABLA levels and the VVNM prototype task.
The study supports the hypothesis that individuals who are able to perform arbitrary relations, as measured by performance on ABLA Level 6 and the VVNM prototype task, are better able to learn the relations necessary to test for stimulus equivalence than are individuals who are not able to perform ABLA Level 6 and the VVNM prototype task.