VVPVirtual Video Project
VVPVladimir Vladimirovich Putin (president of Russia)
VVPVerification and Validation Plan
VVPValovoj Vnutrennij Produkt (Russian: Gross Domestic Product)
VVPVirtual Volunteering Project
VVPVelocity Volume Production
VVPVisual & Verbal Palette (Zehnder Communications)
VVPVision Vancouver Party (political party)
VVPVisual, Vocal, Physical (Drama and theatre production)
VVPVagina Vault Prolapse (female disorder)
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VVP chief investment officer CT Fitzpatrick, who established the investment firm in 2007 and has more than 30 years' experience, will be the lead portfolio manager for the Alliance Trust account.
The VVP funding, along with PS850,000 from local developers Graft Projects, was used to restore the building's roof and exterior walls and complete a full renovation of the interior.
Diskretnaya dinamicheskaya model' izmeneniya mirovogo VVP [Discrete dynamic model of world GDP changes].
Under the VVP, clinicians can elect to be measured as part of a voluntary group, and clinicians in voluntary groups can qualify for a value payment based on their group's performance on a set of population-based measures, according to the report.
The VVP would measure all clinicians based on the same set of measures: clinical quality, patient experience, and value.
Instead, current draft MedPAC recommendations put forward a voluntary value program (VVP) to replace MIPS.
(22.) Barbosa VVP Sobre a autonomia da forma na danca--Rudolf Laban confrontado a partir de Theodor Adorno [dissertacao].
Complete histologic analysis of gastrointestinal stromal tumors Content of histologic analysis Our patient Diagnosis and classification according Spindle cell to histologic cell type Size of tumor 5 cm Position (infiltration in mucosa Infiltration or serosa, rupture) in mucosa Number of mitoses/50 VVP 15/50 Proliferation index (Ki in %) 17% c-KIT (focal/diffuse positive, negative, Diffuse/ dot-like positive in cytoplasm) +(positive) DOG1 (focal/diffuse positive, negative) -(negative) CD34 (focal/diffuse positive, negative) Diffuse/+(positive) Desmin (focal/diffuse positive, negative) -(negative) SMA (focal/diffuse positive, negative) -(negative) S-100 (focal/diffuse positive, negative) -(negative) Ki-67 (% of positive cells) 17%
We identified the vertex that is the farthest from the rest of the vertices using the variable variance probability (VVP) density defined in the appendix.
Por ejemplo, un estudio realizado en pacientes con embarazos prolongados comparando la interpretacion convencional de la monitoria con pruebas de bienestar perinatal, arrojo VVP inferiores al 22% y VPN entre 76 y 98%, ademas de valores de sensibilidad inferiores al 50% y especificidad entre 76% y 94, incluyendo pruebas con y sin estres [40].
Representative sampling included all habitats in the stream or lake reach being investigated relative to habitat occurrence using various sized seines or a Smith-Root Model 12-B[R] battery powered backpack electrofishing unit, longline or tote barge wading electrofishing systems powered by a Baldore (formerly T&J) 1750 watt, three-phase, bridge rectified, 250 volt pulsed DC electrofishing unit, Smith-Root DC generator mounted 5000 watt boat VVP electrofishing in drowned river mouth wetlands and Lake Erie coastal habitats, and deepwater otter trawls in open water, and beach seines along wadeable areas of Lake Erie.
The club was taken from 'the brink of extinction' with the help of almost PS2m from the Welsh Government's Viable and Vibrant Places (VVP) Programme to rebuild its Penydarren Park headquarters.