VVPRVoter-Verified Paper Record
VVPRVerminderde Voorheffing Précompte Réduit (Belgium dividend coupon)
VVPRPhan Rang Vietnam (airport code)
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The correlation matrix among the calculated data for the species of small mammals of VVPR pointed to a highly significant association among CJS, MNKA and NI; among MNKA, TC and CS (p [less than or equal to] 0.
For the VVPR data, the first component had an eigenvalue of 4.
aurita was the most abundant species, as obtained by CJS (see Table 2), due to catches and recaptures occurring only in large traps installed in soil (27% of traps installed in the ground), while in VVPR no minor correlation for any species was noticed, in function of differential catches due to size or model of trap used.
in VVPR had the lowest capturability and also accounted for the greatest deviation from the expected abundance, when the association between CJS and the index considered as less wrong (MNKA) was verified (Table 1, Figure 4).
When announcing the combination in March, Ageas said that the reverse stock and VVPR strips split would make Ageas shares more attractive to investors.