VVTVariable Valve Timing
VVTVivid Virtual Theatre
VVTVariable View Table
VVTVoltooid Verleden Tijd (Dutch: Pluperfect; tense)
VVTVariable Volume & Temperature
VVTValidation, Verification and Testing
VVTVirtual Vision Technologies (Aldan, PA)
VVTVariable Voltage Technology Ltd
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The automotive VVT and start-stop system market is expected to see a considerable growth in countries such as China, India, South Korea, Spain, U.
4 16v VVT Excite 100PS from pounds 9988, saving pounds 7242 on list price ISOfix child seat restraint mechanisms, flexible seating to provide more space, FlexDoors for easier rear seat access.
According to Gladysz, the V10 is the first engine to feature VVT on a high-performance cam-in-block engine, requiring reengineering of the engine's air intake and exhaust modules to better manage power, fuel economy and emission requirements.
The VVT also works in conjunction with an active manifold GM says that the variable intake manifold serves as a low speed torque enhancer giving the engine a broader torque curve.
Contract notice: Contract award procedure 2017 Transport operator pool of VVT.
6i 16v VVT (115PS) Monthly payment: PS229 Customer deposit: PS4,295 Vauxhall Deposit Contribution: PS500 Zafira Tourer Exclusiv 1.
4 VVT Turbo models offer lively performance allied to acceptable economy, while costing less than the diesel alternatives.
6 VVT 110 and offering lower emissions and a fifth better fuel consumption.
6 VVT 110 costs pounds 2,045 less than a Ford C-Max Style 1.
The CSM forecast of high volume North American engine family programs -- those with production volumes of over 300,000 units per year -- indicates that GM, Ford and DaimlerChrysler will offer VVT on approximately 75 to 80 percent of their vehicles by 2006.
The product release includes BWD's VVT and sensor categories.