VVUValley View University (Ghana)
VVUVirusi Vya Ukimwi (Swahili: HIV)
VVUVibrio Vulnificus (bacterium)
VVUVilniaus Valstybinio Universiteto (Lithuanian: Vilnius State University)
VVUVegas Valley Umpires (Henderson, NV)
VVUVan Visgroothandelaren Urk (Dutch: Area of Fish Wholesalers Urk; Urk, Netherlands)
VVUVirtual Value Unit
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The report says it was accepted practice in the VVU for the voicemail facility to be checked first thing in the morning and after lunch.
A Vauxhall Cavalier, registration E190 VVU, which was stolen from Bilton Road at about the same time as the Astra was abandoned, is also believed to have been involved.
15 months) - Check the bidder offers (up to 5 bidders) in accordance with the VVU in paper and file the form, for example: (space program, for example) compliance with building and planning law requirements fulfilling the structural and technical requirements, target-performance comparisons : - Examination of the specified construction cost (forms), : - Formulation of education issues for the evaluation of tenders, : - Preparation and implementation of the expert panel on architecture : - Participation in further negotiation techniques including structural and final evaluation of the technical offers.