VVUValley View University (Ghana)
VVUVirusi Vya Ukimwi (Swahili: HIV)
VVUVibrio Vulnificus (bacterium)
VVUVilniaus Valstybinio Universiteto (Lithuanian: Vilnius State University)
VVUVegas Valley Umpires (Henderson, NV)
VVUVan Visgroothandelaren Urk (Dutch: Area of Fish Wholesalers Urk; Urk, Netherlands)
VVUVirtual Value Unit
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The report says it was accepted practice in the VVU for the voicemail facility to be checked first thing in the morning and after lunch.
The estimated sequence divergences between the outgroup genotype, the red fox (VVU), and the kit-swift and arctic fox genotypes was large, about 7%, but less than the value of 12.3% previously estimated from analysis of 398 bp of the cytochrome b gene (Geffen et al.
* Is there a collection development policy for the VVU Library?
The interview was conducted under three sub- sections which include; Section A--Collection development policy, Section B--Selection/ Acquisition of Materials (VVU) Section C Challenges in Collection development.
In assessing how the Collection Development Practices is executed at VVU library, it was revealed that selection of materials in the library was done by the university librarian and selection committee members consisting of representatives from various departments in accordance with the collection development policy.
With the frequency that users visit the VVU library, Table 4.3 shows that out of the total respondents of 71,45(61%) of the lecturers visit the library daily and 28(39%) visit the library occasionally, while 129(77%) students visit the library daily and 38(23%) visit the library occasionally.
As to whether users are satisfied with the materials in the VVU library or not, Table 4.4 shows that, out of the total of 71 lectures,34 (48%) of them are satisfied with electronic resources while 12(17%) are not Satisfied.
The study highlighted that collection development practices have not been quite successful as VVU library lacks the above prerequisite.
The management of the VVU library should intensify their lobbying skills with the authorities of the institution so as to help to address the issue of funds, limited space and all related challenges.