VWAVoedsel en Waren Autoriteit (Dutch: Food and Goods Authority)
VWAVictorian Workcover Authority (Victoria, Australia)
VWAVentana Wilderness Alliance (est. 1998; Santa Cruz, CA)
VWAVengroff, Williams and Associates, Inc. (est. 1963)
VWAVictim Witness Advocate
VWAVirtual Wrestling Association
VWAView with Alarm
VWAVuil Water Afvoer (Dutch: Dirty Water Disposal)
VWAVehicle Wash Agent
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En el dendrograma NJ muestra que la etnia Yukpa y Bari del estado Zulia; y Waoranis de Ecuador estan proximos geneticamente al medirse por frecuencias alelicas de los microsatelites estudiados (CSF1P0, TPOX, TH01, VWA, D7S820, D13S317 y D5S818) a pesar de que sus lenguas son radicalmente diferentes, los Yukpa son de la filiacion linguistica Caribe, los Bari de la familia linguistica Chibcha y Waoranis de Ecuador cuyo idioma es el Huao Terero que no deriva de ninguna de estas ramas linguisticas.
A few weeks ago the VWA informed Feedinfo News Service that the dioxin was initially detected in egg samples taken under the Dutch national residue control plan for products of animal origin.
Auto Cash -- allows customers to deliver remittances directly to VWA in almost any format, then convert the information into a file that works in DMS.
The VWA leveraged the broad range of experience and expertise possessed by its members.
The VWA has also announced that it will step up inspections of US ships, from 10% to 25%.
New VWA 39000 vibration welder has advanced controls and handles automotive parts up to 72-in.
Allele frequency distributions of six Amp-FLPS (D1S80, APO-B, VWA, TH01, CSFIPO and HPRTB) in a Mexican population.
Vengroff started VWA in 1963 in California when he was selling janitorial supplies and couldn't get people who owed him money to pay up.
According to "Vintage Virginia," the newsletter published by the VWA advisory board, the crowd spent over $2 million.
The milestone marks a relationship between the companies which began in 2005 when VWA were commissioned by HJ Heinz to write a bespoke Basic Food Safety course for employees at their Kitt Green factory in Wigan.
The acquired business, known as VWA, is in a process of integration into Capgemini's BPO service.