VWCVirginia Wesleyan College
VWCVinyl Wall Covering
VWCValencia Water Company (Los Angeles, CA)
VWCVlaamse Wooncode (Dutch: Flemish Housing; Belgium)
VWCVirtual Warfare Center (Boeing)
VWCVector Wavelet Coding
VWCVariable Water Content (soil)
VWCVolumetric Water Content (soil samples)
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However, VWC did not follow the same trend as rainfall, mostly because of the different soil textures and densities at each site.
If the project goes ahead, VWC has no control whatsoever over what the landowner may choose to do with any income from the project and we are not in a position to comment on current tax legislation applied to corporations or property ownership in the UK.
During the period of the study, activities of VWC included disseminating WASH messages to the community people, identifying latrines to be set up in their respective village, identifying the number of water seals and siphons to be fixed in their assigned area, setting up deep tube-well and, if necessary, to raise fund from the local community for the purpose of setting tube well.
VWC would like to think of themselves as visionaries in the sense that they are always searching for opportunities that are unique and which allow exploration or expanded ideology associated with a given concept.
The presence of VWC and polyethylene sheet on the interior side of the assemblies led to high local vapor pressure near gypsum board.
Seyfried and Murdock (2001) found that the standard calibration supplied by the manufacturer described the VWC of a sand with low EC and clay content well and that temperature effects were small.
The VWC will operate as a subsidiary of the Vietnam Textile and Garment Corporation (VINATEX), which has invested in VWC to expand the domestic production of wool.
I'm honored to be joining the talented team at VWC and look forward to exceeding the exploding market demands for personal privacy, security, and simple browsing solutions.
On her part, VWC Chairperson Sheikha Amthal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah said the Center made outstanding achievements and its projects and membership doubled in the last decade.
2]O emissions, while VWC is potentially a better descriptor of denitrification-induced [N.
Year 1 Cladding WRB Sheathing Interior finish 1 EIFS liquid WRB plywood paint 2 Brick liquid WRB OSB paint 3 EIFS BP plywood polyethylene sheet Year 2 4 Stucco BP OSB VWC 5 Brick SBPO OSB VWC 6 Brick BP OSB paint 7 Brick SBPO OSB paint 8 Brick DV WRB OSB paint