VWCVirginia Wesleyan College
VWCVolumetric Water Content (soil samples)
VWCVinyl Wall Covering
VWCValencia Water Company (Los Angeles, CA)
VWCVoldal Wartelle & Co. (accountants; Kirkland, WA)
VWCVlaamse Wooncode (Dutch: Flemish Housing; Belgium)
VWCVolkswagen Country Buggy
VWCVirtual Warfare Center (Boeing)
VWCVector Wavelet Coding
VWCVariable Water Content (soil)
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Because of that delay, and demand from lawyers for more ADR, Blevins said the VWC's ADR Department began working with programmers and outside consultants to create a more efficient system.
The VWC collected from 1.0 x 1.0 m squares selected at random was determined by weighting before and after oven-drying.
After the experimental setup was ready, with all the soil, RSSI and other tag parameters/volumetric water content (VWC) were measured during 20 minutes.
In the CONV treatment, the 60 mm irrigation on 1 September 2014, which coincided with the urea application (75 kg N [ha.sup.-1]), resulted in a slight increase in [N.sub.2]O emissions to a maximum of 4.5 [+ or -] 2.9 g [N.sub.2]O-N [ha.sup.-1] day 1 at a corresponding VWC of 37% (Figs 3a, 4a).
Caption: Figure 7: Spatial distribution of volumetric water content (VWC) estimated with PALSAR imagery using (3).
In the other hand water in soil has opposite correlation, the higher soil moisture or VWC seemed to contribute to decrease emission.
If the project goes ahead, VWC has no control whatsoever over what the landowner may choose to do with any income from the project and we are not in a position to comment on current tax legislation applied to corporations or property ownership in the UK.
Vegetation water content (VWC) is commonly used to describe the effect of vegetation canopy on soil surface microwave radiation.
Virtual World Computing (VWC), developer of the Cocoon Internet privacy solution, is one of the pioneers of the new 'Cloud browsing' technology, which was developed in response to the growing concern by consumers to protect their online data.
Con el proposito de obtener un registro periodico del nivel de estres hidrico al que fueron sometidas las plantulas, se midio semanalmente la humedad del sustrato de los recipientes controles (cuatro en sombra y cinco en luz), con el dispositivo Moisture Probe Meter-MPM-160-B, el cual registra el contenido volumetrico de agua que presenta el sustrato (volumetric water content, VWC) (Quero et al.
(34) The Vancouver Women's Caucus (VWC) protested that only wealthy women could leave Canada to access legal abortion services while poor women could not when they launched a cross-country Abortion Caravan in 1970.
Then, during PRA, the program facilitates villagers to form Village WASH Committee (VWC), the goal of which is to create a body with local people that would lead the community towards the desired changes as well as to ensure that the development made by the project is sustainable.