VWDSVereins zur Wahrung der Deutschen Sprache eV
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In this new strategic partnership, vwd's comprehensive offering covering data & feed, portfolio & advisory, regulatory & calculation and publication & distribution solutions will be complemented by Infronts best-in-class market data and trading solutions.
Kristian Nesbak, Infront CEO, commented: The merger of vwd and Infront will allow us to create one of the largest and most relevant players in Europe.
Shiva Ramabadran, vwd CEO said: Joining forces with Infront will allow us to be an even stronger partner for our customers who will greatly benefit from a more diversified solutions offering.
The desired vertical variation in parison thickness can be attained by VWDS, as schematically illustrated in Fig.
lb, the VWDS stroke parameters [S.sub.total], [S.sub.basic], [S.sub.prog], and [S.sub.limit] are in millimeters, whereas [P.sub.basic], [P.sub.prog], and [P.sub.select] are in percentage.
Tanoue and Iemoto (26) calculated the steady-state annular extrudate swell of polymer melts with die gap programming (VWDS) using the Giesekus constitutive model.