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VWFVon Willebrand Factor
VWFVibration-Induced White Finger
VWFVirtual Wafer Fab
VWFVolkswagen Foundation (Germany)
VWFVirginia Wrestling Federation
VWFVirginia Wildlife Federation
VWFVariable Workforce
VWFVoices for Working Families
VWFVision World Foundation
VWFVirtual Worlds Forum
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To clarify the diagnostic role of VWF:CB, we compared the VWF multimer distribution with VWF:CB for a population of healthy controls and individuals with VWD who were enrolled in the Zimmerman Program for the Molecular and Clinical Biology of VWD (Zimmerman Program).
This initial transient platelet adhesion requires the specific binding of the plasma protein VWF to the membrane receptor GPIb complex.
This elegant molecular system allowed the VWF "shear sensor" to be carefully studied and tested in isolation.
Patients with these bleeding disorders have similar phenotypic parameters and clinical features, ie functional VWF discordance, increased response to low concentration Ristocetin in RIPA testing and in most cases although not ours thrombocytopenia and loss of HMWM.
It was not until a Cardiff council health and safety meeting that he first learned of VWF and he sought help.
In the North East alone, 45,659 claims have been made for VWF.
The majority of my mates who were diagnosed as suffering from VWF are no longer employed by the council.
Post DDVAP therapy, large VWF pro-coagulant multimers are released.
The subendothelium is composed of extracellular matrix proteins, such as collagen, fibronectin, VWF, thrombospondin, and laminin, (4) many of which are ligands for receptors on the platelet surface.
RETIRED miner John Frame first developed VWF symptoms in the 1980s.
Personal injuries lawyer David Stevenson said: "This is a significant day for the hundreds of Scots miners and other workers whose lives have been blighted by the pain of VWF.