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VWFVon Willebrand Factor
VWFVibration-Induced White Finger
VWFVirtual Wafer Fab
VWFVolkswagen Foundation (Germany)
VWFVirginia Wrestling Federation
VWFVirginia Wildlife Federation
VWFVariable Workforce
VWFVoices for Working Families
VWFVision World Foundation
VWFVirtual Worlds Forum
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So VWF must have been fairly miffed to have seen a shiny new band on the under-card being smattered all over the NME for weeks before they've even released a single.
VWF have really tightened up their set in recent live outings and although the seven- piece can come across as slightly lost at times they still bring a zest of originality to the plate.
I wasn't certain I had VWF but I used vibrating tools during my 29 years in the pits and when I went to get tested I did have it.
However, the laboratory diagnosis may be very difficult because of the "fluctuation' of VWF in the patient's plasma.
In his judgment, Mr Justice Pitchford said there was ``un-equivocal evidence'' that some doctors appeared to be wrongly placing reliance on the test when deciding whether or not claimants were suffering from VWF.
British Coal was found negligent in relation to VWF in 1997.
In the late 1960s, for example, the Forestry Commission introduced redesigned chain saws to reduce the risk of VWF.
Under the VWF compensation scheme, 48,000 miners have now received full and final settlements with a further 65,000 having received interim payments.
Under the current rules applications for VWF compensation will not be valid after midnight on October 31, although the Government claims it will still be possible to place a claim after the deadline by going through the civil courts.
Von Willebrand factor antigen (VWF:Ag) concentrations were determined with an in-house ELISA assay, using polyclonal rabbit anti-human VWF antibodies (DakoCytomation) for capturing and detecting (23).
Like any other congenital disorders, mutations that occur in VWF gene include deletions, frameshift, splice-site, and nonsense.
6] The elevated F VIII and VWF are important prevalent risk factor for both ischemic diseases and venous thromboembolism.