VWLCVariable Workload License Charge (IBM)
VWLCVoice and Wireless Corporation (Minneapolis, MN)
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Basically, what happens with VWLC is that your MSU usage is tracked and reported by LPAR.
According to Mark Haggerty, CEO of VWLC, "We are enthusiastic about the acquisition of EMTI as we believe this licensed technology is synergistic with VWLC's current STABILUX(TM) energy savings system.
Mark Haggerty, President of the Voice and Wireless Corporation(TM), stated that, "This alliance will provide Voice and Wireless Corporation(TM) with an important resource for both the out-licensing of select VWLC technologies and the in-licensing of new technologies to potentially enhance and expand our product line.
com Industry: Wireless communications products Trading Symbol/ Exchange: VWLC Market Makers: MASH, NITE, FLTT, MHMY, WIEN, FRAN, HILL, HRZG, SLKC, GVRC, NAIB, PGON, ALEX
After significant restructuring VWLC is focused on, penetrating the business to business-to-business Internet and communications environment by emphasizing advanced Internet/ telephony communications solutions and products.