VWMLVaughan Williams Memorial Library
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(9) London, VWML, FSS, Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee, 12 March 1921.
Also in the pipeline at the time of writing is a new book of folk songs from Penguin, again reflecting wider interest in our field and drawing directly on resources built up over the years by the VWML and EFDSS.
(10.) Sharp's photographs of Tom Cave senior, Henry Caves father, comprise London, VWML, Cecil J.
Sharp MSS, Folk Tunes 1646, 1647, respectively (cited from microfilm in London, VWML).
The British Library gave permission for the inclusion of the photograph of the first page of the manuscript score of Songs of the West, and the VWML for the inclusion of the letter to Cecil Sharp.
No date, but likely to be 1909; the first page of this letter has not been located in the VWML collection.]
Twelve years before this last publication, however, the VWML acquired, for the sum of [pounds sterling]5, (27) a 'Large Notebook of Songs and Dance Tunes' (EML/1/, henceforth 'the Notebook').
This is apparent from items preserved in the two volumes of Frank Sidgwick's 'Bitter Withy' folder, which was presented to the VWML in 1976 and 1987 and comprises a selection of letters, cuttings, and notes that Sidgwick made over many years on the subject of this curious ballad.
London, VWML, Library MSS, GRQ25 Lanes 83-86, Peter Bradbury and Elizabeth
Cited from microfilm copy in London, VWML. Since the microfilm was made the original sheets have been rearranged and the pages that have been used have been numbered consecutively.
She continued to travel and write, as well as serving on various governing bodies and committees, such as the Royal Academy of Music, the Musician's Benevolent Fund, the RVW Trust, and, of course, the VWML library committee, which she served in various guises for over thirty years.
(52) VWML, Broadwood MSS, LEB/2/71, Samuel Willett to Lucy Broadwood, 1 October 1890.