VWNVereniging Wikimedia Nederland (Dutch: Wikimedia Netherlands Association)
VWNVereniging van Wetenschapsjournalisten in Nederland (Dutch: Dutch Association of Science Journalists; Netherlands)
VWNVereniging voor Waterleidingbelangen in Nederland (Dutch: Association for Water Interests in Netherlands)
VWNVaste Waarden Nederland (Dutch: Fixed Values Netherlands)
VWNVirginia Workforce Network
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I analyzed 180 packages from 20 episodes of WMW and categorized 125 items from VWN based on main subjects.
Different production environments between WMW and VWN were reflected in subject differences covered by each program (Figure 2).
The most significant change was the Labor category, which took 50% of WMW's items but shrunk to 25% when VWN was broadcast.
To answer this, a closer look at both programs, WMW and VWN, is needed.