VWOSVirtual World of Sports, Inc. (California)
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To promote partnership, community engagement and bonding in the Chinatown community, KA-KS-CCC will be organising the first Harmony Night on 30 January 2016 that brings together for the first time eight Chinese clan associations, religious groups and VWOs to put together a memorable Chinese New Year celebration for 500 residents of Jalan Besar GRC and Potong Pasir SMC.
A key goal was to build a regional platform for the North of Singapore to network mental health services, community-based social services, government agencies and voluntary welfare organisation (VWO) as well as non-governmental organisations (NGO).
In addition, the THRIVE spoke to various members of the NGO and VWO community to understand their needs.
The CRSS-Yishun is a VWO that provides psychiatric rehabilitation and Clarity Singapore is a VWO that provides psychotherapy.
Closer attention to the actual workings of NGOs, VWOs, and other civil society actors would reveal the extent to which self-regulation is actually practised by these groups.
In this way it is supportive of the state's encouragement of volunteering and charitable work as evidenced in its promotion of Volunteer Welfare Organizations (VWOs) in contrast to NGOs.
(9.) The TWC operated as an informal network of individuals and representatives of NGOs and VWOs. Its goal was to build links between differently situated civil society actors, and thereby participate in both re-assessing and re-invigorating the sphere of civil society in Singapore.