VWPPVisa Waiver Pilot Program
VWPPVirginia Water Protection Permit (est. 1992; Virginia Department of Environmental Quality)
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Established in 1986, VWPP allows temporary visitors for business or pleasure to forego the requirement to obtain a B visa prior to traveling to the United States.(175) This program has freed up significant resources.(176) The Visa Waiver Program is only available to countries that have a both negligible rate of refusal for the 13 visa and a negligible visa overstay rate.(177) In deciding whether to grant participation in VWPP, the Attorney General must also examine the country's national security and immigration fraud enforcement programs.
One proposal advocates lessening the requirements for the VWPP to allow more countries to participate, thereby freeing additional resources.(178) A better proposal, however, would be to extend the scope of the program for qualifying countries to include the L visa.
under the VWPP. See Hearings Before the Visa Waiver Pilot Program Subcomm.