VWTVideo Wave Thumbnail
VWTVans Warped Tour (festival)
VWTVereinigung Österreichischer Wirtschaftstreuhänder (German: Association of Austrian Public Accountants; Austria)
VWTVertical Wind Tunnel (skydiving simulator)
VWTVincent Wildlife Trust (est. 1975; UK)
VWTVirtual Wind Tunnel
VWTVantec World Transport (Japan)
VWTVertical Wind Turbine
VWTVessel Wall Thickness
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VWT is combinable with pressure, temperature, gamma ray and casing collar locator sensors which can be recorded simultaneously with EV's OptisA HD Electric Line camera or its IVC (Integrated Video Caliper) tools.
A VWT spokeswoman said: "This number should result in a self-sustaining population that, over time, will spread to other forests of Wales and across the border into England.
VWT expects to sell vineyard and winery properties valued at $170 million, Ciatti said.
The VWT said the only other comparable relocation initiative in Britain involved otters, though this was on a more localised scale.
The continuing consolidation of the global industry has provided much of the fuel for this fire, as Constellation's acquisition of Mondavi fostered the disposition of many vineyard and winery assets, with VWT acquiring both Mondavi's Huichica Hills vineyard in Carneros and the Terra Ventosa vineyard in Monterey County.
The VWT said research has shown no recent evidence of natural recovery of the species, and reintroductions to boost the small populations in Wales and England are the only way to restore a viable population in southern Britain.
In turn, the VWT sent the scat to experts at the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland where scientists have tested almost 1,000 scats.
As favoured roosts are pre-1900 stone buildings with slate roofs, North and Mid Wales are strongholds for lesser horseshoe bats, with six reserves now under VWT management in the region.
Vintage Wine Trust (VWT) has announced that Walter Klenz will join the board of directors and Andrew Bledsoe will also join VWT.
Meg & Dia's full list of tour dates on VWT below:
Two VWT with a bollard pull of 40 tons are equipped with two VSP 26R5/195-2 each.
The VWT is also keen to collect road casualty carcasses for research.