VWWPVictorian Women Writers Project
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In 2011 the Governor's Cabinet Secretaries of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security, Public Safety and Health and Human Resources signed an inter-Secretariat letter of support for the VWWP. The letter reinforced the collaborative efforts of an Interagency Agreement signed at the inception of the VWWP.
VWWP has participated in Guard sponsored Yellow Ribbon Reintegration events across the Commonwealth.
Working with agency partners from the VA, Virginia Departments of Corrections, Correctional Education, Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, Department of Planning and Budget, House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees and veteran members, VWWP recently revised an existing "Reentry Roadmap for Veterans Incarcerated in Virginia." In Virginia and in other states, this guidebook had been provided previously only to veterans incarcerated in state prisons.
VWWP has hired a dedicated Reentry Specialist in Region 5, Hampton Roads, Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula and Eastern Shore, who reaches out directly to the incarcerated population.
In partnership with DBHDS, VWWP was awarded a federal grant from the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services to create a targeted educational program for attorneys, community corrections staff, magistrates, special justices, judges and other professionals working in criminal justice.
In one training session, the VWWP Regional Director and Peer Specialist noticed that the group was particularly somber.
These sessions have led to connections between police officers and VWWP resource specialists who have intervened with veterans contemplating suicide or with family members who needed that one connection to get their loved one to seek treatment.
In response to Governor's Executive Orders 10 and 29, VWWP staff supported the Office of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security in developing initiatives to reduce homelessness among veterans and their families in the Commonwealth.
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Shinseki's commitment to end homelessness among veterans, all of the VAMCs in Virginia have conducted Homeless Summits engaging community partners, including VWWP, to work together to provide service to homeless veterans and to prevent homelessness.
VWWP staff work to assist the veteran in coordinating connections to community housing and supportive resources.