VWoAVolkswagen of America
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Sales have grown for eight consecutive months in 2018 and, for the first time, VWoA has sold more than 100,000 SUVs in a year.
"He's an engineer's engineer who'd rather focus on product than financials," says VWoA's Maguire, who has witnessed the chairman telling his design engineers how to improve a specific feature.
We're very pleased to mark our seventh consecutive month of year-over-year growth, said Derrick Hatami, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and After Sales for VWoA. Our SUV lineup has given us strong lift in 2018 and July was the best month this year for the 2018 Atlas.
(VWoA) today reported sales of 30,387 units delivered in October 2015, a 0.24 percent increase over October 2014.
(VWoA) today reported sales of 25,710 units delivered in February 2015.
(VWoA) today reported 31,725 units delivered in November.
(VWoA) today reported 25,996 units delivered in September.
(VWoA) today reported 36,717 units delivered in March.
(VWoA) reported 35,779 units delivered in July, a 3.3 percent decrease over prior year sales and a 1.3 percent year-to-date decrease versus the prior year.