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VXAVirtual Architecture
VXAVariable Speed Architecture
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As one can see from the Figures, they are gently growing, their inclination in the start mode (argon) equals (0.2-0.7)x[10.sup.-2], in the operation mode (propane-butane)-(0.5-2.0)x[10.sup.-2] and (0.4-1.6)x[10.sup.-2] VxA (propane-butane-air mixture).
Ecrix award-winning VXA data storage tape products offer an unprecedented combination of data capacity, performance, reliability and overall value.
It offers the user a choice of replay scenarios and archive options, such as DVD, DDS-4 or VXA. The 2620 also has a proprietary security option so that certain calls can be excluded from being recorded.
"Our VXA tape storage technology is a natural fit with the high-quality, low-cost Linux culture," said Kelly Beavers, President of Ecrix.
VXA is a helical scan technology like those used by Exabyte Corp and Sony Corp, but is the only media not to be read by a streamer, Beavers explained.
This invitation calls for an offer for the - supply, delivery, on-site assembly, commissioning, driver training and handover of Very Narrow Aisle (VXA) Trucks, according to the specifications described in Section 4 of this document.
Tape drives utilized in tape libraries include 8-millimeter (Exabyte VXA, and Sony AIT), DLT and Super DLT (Quantum), LTO Ultrium (Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Quantum), IBM-compatible half-inch 3490 cartridge, StorageTek 9840/9940, and Sony SAIT.
VXA-2 also delivers full read and write compatibility with VXA-1, protecting the investment of users who have already chosen VXA technology.
Tenders are invited for fabricating11 kv vxa 2.40m cxa and 1.80m cxa at mf1 angamaly
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-5 October 2005-Third-generation VXA Packet Tape Drive launched by Exabyte(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
Worldwide Computer Products News-5 October 2005-Third-generation VXA Packet Tape Drive launched by Exabyte(C)1995-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
In contrast, helical scan tape formats such as AIT, SAIT and VXA write data in much shorter tracks across the width of the tape, and therefore do not require servo tracking systems.