VXCVlan Cross Connect
VXCVapexhale Cloud (vaporizer)
VXCVirgin Cross Country (UK railway)
VXCVector Excitation Coding (acoustics)
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The other is an even smaller device called the VXC 2100.
We chose the VXC series from Miratech because it offers a range of converters that will work from 50 to 400 bhp engines," said Tyrone Hunter, regional sales manager for MurCal.
With the VXC Card, Executone is positioned to give the customer the best solution, based on the actual technology infrastructure.
Using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, the VXC Card is more reliable and cost-effective over its operating life than traditional stand-alone voice mail systems, based on the fact that there are fewer points of potential failure.
Kessman continued, "With two key product introductions this quarter, TSAPI and the VXC card, the Company continues to solidify its position at the forefront of computer telephony innovation.