VXEVirtual Executing Environment (computer security)
VXEAntarctic Development Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1969 to present)
VXEExpeditionary Squadron (US Navy)
VXEVESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) XGA (eXtended Graphics Array) Extensions
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James Roper, industrial brand manager for Durapipe UK, comments: "Our VXE valve has proved extremely popular with customers but we wanted to build on the unique features of this product to offer more options.
The Micron ClientPro VXE, one of the direct channel's first sub $1,000 corporate PCs, offers a 166MHz Intel(R) Pentium processor with MMX(tm) technology, 32MB EDO RAM, 1.
ClientPro VXE ClientPro MRE ClientPro 766Xi Processor 166MHz Pentium 233MHz Pentium 266MHz Pentium II w/ MMX w/ MMX Memory 16MB EDO 32MB SDRAM 64MB SDRAM Hard disk 1.
The ClientPro family of network-ready, managed PCs provides corporations with a complete range of desktop options, from the entry level ClientPro VXE, to the state-of-the-art, Pentium II-processor based ClientPro 766Xi.
Micron's Enterprise family of network-ready, managed systems provide businesses with a complete range of options, from the entry level ClientPro VXE, to the state-of-the-art, Pentium(R) II-based Powerdigm workstations.
New ClientPro(r) VXE corporate desktop PC -- New ClientPro MRE corporate desktop PC -- Microsoft(r) Windows NT(r) now available across all Micron(TM)