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VXIVME eXtensions for Instrumentation
VXIVMEbus Extensions for Instrumentation
VXIVision X Incorporated (Philippines)
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The purchase, VXI stated, will increase its headcount to 17,000 across its delivery centers, counting those in South America.
VXI specializes in call center and BPO services, software development, quality assurance testing, and infrastructure outsourcing.
TuffSet USB effectively equips the user with the technology they need to use VoIP successfully," said David Truesdell, Vice President of Engineering of VXI Corporation.
Our new microwave synthesizer is a powerful response to many customer requests for a VXI solution," said Scott Wright, general manager of HP's Santa Rosa Systems Division.
Through the acquisition, VXI and Symbio will be able to provide their customers a unique offering that enables this rapid development and creates competitive advantage for their customers.
VXI has tripled in business recent years, growing from $34 million in 2006 to more than $100 million in 2009.
VTI provides the latest in DSA performance and features for the structural test market with the VT1435 and VT1436 family of products, adding 24-bit performance and embedded signal conditioning in a single VXI module.
VTI Microwave, an independent business unit of VXI Technology, now extends VTI's philosophy of open-architecture solutions to the world of custom microwave subsystems and broadband RF switching," commented Jeff Olsen, Vice President of Sales.
VTI is a sponsor member of the VXI Consortium and a strategic/founding member of the LXI Consortium.
Comparison of AXIe with VXI and PXI in the First Three Years of Existence (Global), 1987-2012 5-5
20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Bustec announced today that Rohde & Schwarz selected Bustec as their sole supplier of VXI slot-0 interfaces for new VXI systems.
With the high-performance peripheral I/O on the VXIpc-882, engineers can create hybrid systems by connecting external instruments to the VXI system through the GPIB, Ethernet, USB or serial ports or the ExpressCard/34 slot.