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VXIVirtual Extensions for Instruments
VXIVideo Extended Interface
VXIVme Extension for Instrumentation
VXIVirtualization Experience Infrastructure (Cisco architecture)
VXIVME eXtensions for Instrumentation
VXIVMEbus Extensions for Instrumentation
VXIVision X Incorporated (Philippines)
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However, the incident occurred when the employee was on personal time and was not doing any work for VXI.
The purchase, VXI stated, will increase its headcount to 17,000 across its delivery centers, counting those in South America.
VXI said the acquisition allows it to gain software product development, design and quality assurance capabilities from Symbio.
Today, VXI is used in many MIL/Aero automated test systems (ATS), good examples of the large test applications the standard originally was developed to address:
The VXI-8360T controller, which adds to the wide range of VXI remote and embedded controllers, giving users the ability to choose the VXI controller option that best fits the application.
TuffSet USB effectively equips the user with the technology they need to use VoIP successfully," said David Truesdell, Vice President of Engineering of VXI Corporation.
Our new microwave synthesizer is a powerful response to many customer requests for a VXI solution," said Scott Wright, general manager of HP's Santa Rosa Systems Division.
The CS-5040 series VXI tuners offer a choice of a number of flexible high performance units.
VXI systems are also easier to program and have standardized, multivendor protocols for automatic system configuration.
Arnette De Guzman, VXI PH Senior Company Physician, was present to accept the award on July 20, 2017 - one week before the inauguration of VXI Panorama - the company's newest and biggest site nationwide.
Through the acquisition, VXI said it will gain software product development, design, and quality assurance capabilities from Symbio.
VXI was the first major modular format and became popular for MIL/Aero and large industrial test applications.