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VXMLVoice eXtensible Markup Language
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According to Marilyn Troup, Commetrex' marketing communications director, "There aren't many products in the VXML space that support OEMs and developers, and the ones that are available are costly, complex, and make the OEM a captive of proprietary technologies.
SandCherry's AppDev VXML adds an exciting new dimension to WebLogic Workshop 8.
Capable of handling millions of calls daily, Newfound's VXML Dialer manages VoiceXML-based outbound call campaigns and emergency alerts for carriers, call centers and enterprise.
The AdomoMCS Voice Gateway is compliant with the VXML 2.
The companies are launching integrated testing and management solutions for VXML platforms and applications.
By comparison, each page written in VXML needs to be rewritten any time there is a major change in the Web page.
Under the terms of the agreement, AdvanTel Networks will resell Newfound's full portfolio of solutions including, IP Call Recorder, VXML Dialer and MediaMixer.
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The software is built on core standards, such as VXML, SOAP/Web Services and SIP.
a leading provider of call recording, interactive voice response (IVR) and dialing solutions for the telecommunications industry, today announced the availability of its VXML Dialer 3.
The Omvia Voice Framework is the most open voice solution on the market, allowing unparalleled scalability and flexibility within a traditional, VXML or SALT environment.
IBM is a member of a variety of industry efforts including VoiceTIMES, VXML, W3C and Java Technology Consortiums.