VXOVariable Crystal Oscillator
VXOVaxjo, Sweden - Vaxjo (Airport Code)
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Forecaster variance and disagreement about the GDP growth outlook (vGDP and DvGDP) are both positively correlated with VXO and SPD, suggesting that the financial variables do reflect some uncertainty about the growth outlook.
The VXO house in north London, by Alison Brooks Architects, is the conversion and extension of one built in the 1960s with '70s additions, Inhabited by the clients for 15 years, it was a squarish block stepped around the periphery with a front door on the south and was set at the back of wooded sloping gardens off a steep lane.
SCENE's advertising partners for the premiere issue include: SCION, Pom Wonderful, Human Rights Campaign, GMHC, GLAAD, The White Party, 4VOO, Gay Games VII, The Provincetown Carnival, Ginch Gonch, The Winter Party Festival, Gay Day Orlando, VXO Partners, VESSEL and EFFEN Vodka.
The coefficients on VXO and JLN are both statistically and economically significant, with one-standard-deviation increases lowering the notional target funds rate by 43 and 29 basis points, respectively.
VXO is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, engaging in developing through biotechnology; pharmaceutical products in Dermatology, Immunology and Nutritionals for Diabetics, and marketing and sales in topical products for Dermatology.