VXPVideo Excellence Processing (trademark of Gennum)
VXPVoice Xchange Platform (software)
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Sigma's GF9452 with VXP can be applied to a broad variety of commercial applications from large-venue projection to high-end display solutions.
Beyond IPTV, we are seeing increased demand for Digital Media Adapters, VXP video processing products, and Z-Wave based home control devices.
On April 24, 2006, Gennum announced that JVC, one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of sophisticated video products for consumer and professional applications, had selected the Gennum GF9350 with VXP technology to power their new GM-H40L1G 40-inch professional LCD display.
0 million in amortization expense for acquired intangibles related to the Zensys, VXP and Blue7 acquisitions, $12.
Using a direct interface, the addition of a VXP Image Processor such as the VXP9452 enables studio quality video output.
Lanier Healthcare developed Cquence(R) Voice Xchange Platform (VXP) for large enterprises and VXP Lite for small to mid- sized organizations.
The highly precise 12-bit processing at both the input and output provides peerless 12-bit images and delivers advanced picture enhancement capabilities for noise reduction, compression artifact removal, adaptive contrast and detail enhancement - all the features cinema and broadcast TV studios and consumer electronics manufacturers are used to achieving with VXP technology.
Lynch was previously the general manager of Sigma's VXP Division and will continue to report directly to Thinh Tran, Sigma's Chairman and CEO.
These initiatives include penetration into the HDTV market, the Ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity market and the cable-based IPTV set-top box market, as well as the growth of our VXP video processor products," stated Thinh Tran, chairman and chief executive officer, Sigma Designs.
6 million for the VXP in-process development costs during the quarter, $402,000 and $305,000 in amortization expense for acquired intangibles related to the VXP and Blue7 acquisitions, respectively, and $4.
Both employ Gennum's VXP top-of-the-line GF9351 Image Processor that provides value-added features, notably genlock control and proprietary 10-bit motion adaptive video de-interlacing capabilities to ensure perfectly timed video performance.