VXSEVelocity X, Single-Engine (best single-engine angle of climb; aviation)
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Once you've studied aircraft systems you'll get into aerodynamics peculiar to single-engine operations in a twin and the speeds you'll need to know for the particular airplane and their significance: minimum control speed (Vmc), single-engine best rate of climb speed (Vyse), single-engine best angle of climb speed (Vxse) and safe single-engine speed (Vsse).
For example, on a single-engine missed approach, a pilot must begin flap retraction, raise the gear, set the flight director/autopilot to climb at the single-engine best-angle speed (Vxse), set the FD/AP to navigate along the missed-approach procedure, accelerate to single-engine best rate (Vyse) when clear of obstacles and then clean up final flaps when fast enough.