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(24) This summary is based on Robert Crummey, The Old Believers and the World of Antichrist: The Vyg Community and the Russian State 1694-1855 (Madison and London: The University of Wisconsin Press, 1970).
(40) Aside from the one essay on folk belief, religion is represented only by the official Orthodox Church; there are no places connected with Old Believers (such as the Vyg Community or Moscow's Rogozhskoe Cemetery), (41) Orthodox sectarians (such as the mythical Belovod'e), (42) or non-Orthodox faiths.
In the middle of the III millennium BC, in the sites distanced from the outcrops of flint in the middle stream of Onega River at 150 km as the crow flies, the amount of the flint artefacts reached 100% of the stone collection; at 250 km (the lower reaches of Vyg River)--slightly above 50%; at 500 km--only 1% (Fig.