VYUVietnam Youth Union
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[8.] Abramishvili GA, Karpov VYu (2014) Contemorary view on problems of physcial education of children of primary school age.
The project will involve internal trainer, who will be able to adapt teaching to the particular conditions in the company and vyu E[degrees]vanemu technical background.
Contract notice: TechnickEi podpora na licencnE' softver (maintenance) vyu E[degrees]vanE' v informacnom systeme SociEilnej poistovne.
prevzetE[degrees] a odstranenE[degrees] smesneho odpadu ze svozove techniky zadavatele, svozu a odstranenE[degrees] smesneho odpadu komunEilnE[degrees]ho a komunEilnE[degrees]mu podobneho a jejich separovanE'ch slo ek, prevzetE[degrees] a likvidace nebo vyu itE[degrees] ruznE'ch druhu odpadu pochEizejE[degrees]cE[degrees]ch z cinnosti zadavatele vcetne nebezpecnE'ch odpadu, to v e na E[bar]zemE[degrees] mesta Hradec KrEilove, a to na zEiklade uzavrene rEimcove smlouvy na dobu 4 let s jednE[degrees]m dodavatelem.uvedte predpoklEidanou hodnotu bez DPH: 4 800 000 CZK
building contracts will supply new fully functional laser system consisting of a pulsed laser with a pulse length of the order of picoseconds, the scan head and motorized axes z.soucEistE[degrees] deliveries subject of the will, including software licenses so as to allow its full vyu itE[degrees].bli E[degrees] information will be in the specifications for a public contract in question.
equipment must be new, fully functional, complete and must be equipped with full software, including two (2) licenses, and to allow its full vyu itE[degrees].zadavatel required to supply the following equipment: - helium leak detector for the detection and measurement of leakage in a vacuum apparatus wide range, ie of the order of 1-10 mbar l / stechnicke conditions of the equipment listed in the specifications are listed as minimum requirements that equipment must splnovat.bli E[degrees] details are given in the tender documents, which will be published in its entirety on the profile of the contracting authority, the date of publication of notice of initiation of the procedure.
software solution (hereinafter referred to as "ipsw") is focused on information management and process management in the field of intellectual property at public universities and public research institute and exploitation of intellectual property objects for the purpose of commercial vyu itE[degrees].po adovane features
The project is unique in its complexity and systemic approach and focus on the target group of Central Bohemia existing and future entrepreneurs (self-employed) in a situation where the entire segment noticeably lacks its own resources and system support for further education and seberozvoj.VzdelEivacE[degrees] system is designed to reflect the development needs participants, feedback to the relevant educational activities realized, consistently linking expertise in soft skills and personal development, taking into account the specifics of female entrepreneurship and promoting the emergence of community support vyu E[degrees]vacE[degrees] own resources (sharing experiences, mutual support and motivation).
Pro dodEivky licencE[degrees] zachovat mo nost vyu itE[degrees] v ech jazykovE'ch verzE[degrees] dodEivanE'ch vE'robcem programovE'ch produktu vcetne mo nosti pou itE[degrees] pro prEici oprEivnenE'ch u ivatelu na domEicE[degrees]ch pocE[degrees]tacE[degrees]ch a bez licencovEinE[degrees] pro studenty.uvedte predpoklEidanou hodnotu bez DPH: 247 900 EUR