VZBVVerbraucherzentrale Bundesverband eV (German association of consumer protection centers)
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It remains to be seen if the VZBV and other sceptics can really hamper offshore wind expansion in Germany.
"The verdict shows the importance of privacy for consumers in the digital world," said Gerd Billen, executive director of the VZBV.
The social network's data protection practices worsened instead of improved when App Center was introduced in July, VZBV said.
In March, having won in court VZBV said that Facebook had to start behaving itself when it comes to European privacy protection and really ought not to have been making merry with its users' address books.
In analyzing the reform of the German railway from a consumer perspective, the vzbv to a large extent comes up with a negative performance (vzbv 2004: 42).
According to Ryanair, VZBV had wrongly claimed that airlines will now be banned from charging credit card fees.
Klaus MAaAaAeAe-ller of the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (VZBV said Europeans would "indirectly feel" the impact although not immediately.
The VZBV require that both of these things be made clear on the box," (http://diablo.incgamers.com/blog/comments/german-consumer-agency-targets-blizzard) reported Diablo IncGamers.
(vzbv) is the umbrella organization of 41 german consumer associations - including the 16 consumer centers in the laender and 25 consumer policy associations.
In a letter dated 18 December, the heads of three consumer associations, Spain's OCU, Germany's vzbv and Italy's Altroconsumo, together with the European federation, BEUC, urged Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes to "integrate privacy concerns into the Google-DoubleClick merger review process".
Recently, though, German consumer association vzbv' entered the fray with a 52-page legal study.
The Federal Consumer Union of Germany (VZBV) took advantage of new changes in the country's legislation and filed a class action suit against the Volkswagen AG concern.