VZIVereinigung Zuercher Immobilienfirmen (German: Association of Real Estate Companies, Zurich; Switzerland)
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In last year's school, 444 primary schools and institutions for the education and training of children and adolescents with special needs were registered in the school scheme, all of which were for the distribution of school fruit and vegetables, and 226 VZI for the distribution of school milk.
Description needs to be the fulfillment of public contracts achieved: Acquisition of new poctacek sheets to replace the current, obsolete machinery of the same or similar nature.A description of the subject contract: The subject of the public contract three pieces of sheet counting machines into production VZI - Optical Desktop calculator and a calculator, one-inch VZIII - one head disk calculator into the production line according to investment requirements.Description of the relationship between the subject contract and the client~s needs: Implementation of performance subject is necessary for the performance of contracts, the contracting authority.Expected date of fulfillment of public contracts: III.Q-IV.Q 2016.
a medencetr kialaktsnl figyelembe kell venni egy olyan vzi attrakci ltrehozst, amely a ksobbi zemeltets sorn plusz bevteli forrst jelenthet a frdo szmra,