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VZIG is produced by the United States Biologics Laboratories (Massachusetts) and distributed by American Red Cross regional distribution centers.
The FDA continues its efforts to restore a supply of VZIG, which remains preferred for prophylaxis when available.
The investigational VariZIG, similar to licensed VZIG, is a purified human immune globulin preparation made from plasma containing high levels of anti-varicella antibodies (immunoglobulin class G [IgG]).
The success of varicella immunization programs led to declining demand for VZIG and contributed to the decision to stop production, H.
An antiviral drug still will be available to give to vulnerable patients who develop varicella disease, but VZIG will be missed when treating certain populations such as newborns.
Should a pregnant woman develop varicella, regardless of whether she was treated with VZIG, the main risk is development of varicella pneumonia.
VZIG ilk 96 saatte yapildiginda mortaliteyi azaltsa da, yuksek maliyeti ve bulunma guclugu nedeni ile ulkemizde her zaman uygulanamamaktadir.