VZJVadose Zone Journal
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$1800 for all six (AJ, CS, JEQ, JNRLSE, SSSAJ, VZJ) $1000 for any two $600 for individual subscriptions of AJ, CS, JEQ, or SSSAJ $400 for VZJ $200 for JNRLSE
that each journal [Agronomy Journal (AJ), Crop Science (CS), Journal of Environmental Quality (JEQ), Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education (JNRLSE), Soil Science of America Journal (SSSAJ), Vadose Zone Journal (VZJ)] charge a $350 publishing fee per manuscript rather than page charges.
to bundle the journals for institutional subscriptions with a cost of $100 for all 6, $1000 for any 2, $600 for individual subscriptions to AJ, CS, JEQ, SSSAJ, $400 for VZJ alone, and $200 for JNRLSE alone.
Libraries may purchase individual journals at the following prices: the four major journals cost $600 each, Vadose Zone Journal (VZJ) costs $300, and JNRLSE costs $100.
The VZJ is a new publication that will start in 2002.