VZPVseobecna Zdravotni Pojistovna (Czech)
VZPVlaams Zweefvliegcentrum Phoenix (Belgian aviation club)
VZPVirginia Zoological Park (est. 1892)
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The subject of performance is the provision of professional and consulting services for system integration in IS VZP CR.
the subject of the public contract is the production and delivery of printed promotional materials intended for all marketing activities of the headquarters and all regional vzp cr workplaces (publications, Leaflets, Brochures, Posters, Etc.) to the extent and in accordance with the terms of reference.
the subject of the public contract is to ensure the implementation of prophylactic inspections, Refrigerant inspections, And servicing of refrigeration equipment and air conditioning systems revisions in vzp cr premises for 4 years or until the specified financial limit is exhausted.
print delivery of forms including production of forms according to templates including graphic design; Modification of the text in the templates as required by the client; Packaging and distribution of printed materials to designated vzp cr workplaces; Template management; Free production of the electronic version of the individual forms, Including its delivery to the contracting authority~s registered office; Free production of sample samples (up to 10 pieces and only on request).
the subject of the public contract is the conclusion of a contract for the implementation of services to ensure continuous physical security, Eps, Ptsts, Cctv and reception services at rp prague, Na pertne 6, Prague 1; Klipr jihlava, Bratap capku 18, Jihlava; Brno - country francouzsk 40, Brno; Prerov, Smetanova 9, Prerov; Karvin, Potovn 4, Karvin and also in buildings used by vzp cr and events organized by vzp cr.
Contract notice: operative leasing of vehicles for vzp cr
The subject of the public contract is the conclusion of a contract with 1 supplier to provide / provide support for licenses and usage rights of microsoft corporation products in the "microsoft enterprise agreement" license program for the period 1.10.2019 to 30.9.2022 and thus ensure continuity of support for microsoft products it is important for support of operation, infrastructure and also work of end users of vzp cr.
Tenders are invited for Operative leasing of vehicles for VZP CR
Contract notice: provision of ict hw infrastructure support in vzp cr data centers 2019 - 2022