VZVIVaricella-Zoster Virus Infection
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The removal mechanism of TPHs from water and soils using the vZVI could be a Fenton reaction.
The mineral content of the vZVI nanoparticles is 24% of alpha iron with a body-centered cubic crystal structure, and the remaining fraction is composed of iron oxides.
Caption: Figure 3: XRD pattern of iron nanoparticles prepared with mortino berry (vZVI).
Caption: Figure 4: FTIR spectra of vZVI nanoparticles and V.
Caption: Figure 5: Chromatograms of THPs derivatives in water before and after treatment with vZVI: (a) initial concentration = 9.32 ppm, (b) final concentration = 1.31 ppm, (c) initial concentration = 94.20 ppm, and (d) final concentration = 26.80 ppm.
Caption: Figure 6: Chromatogram of TPHs derivatives: before and after treatment with vZVI.