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The regulations also devote considerable attention to bona fide sick leave and vacation leave plans.
The Catastrophic (CAT) Leave Donation Program allows "employees to voluntarily donate sick and/or vacation leave credits to employees that are totally incapacitated due to a catastrophic illness or injury, and have exhausted all leave credits, including any sick, vacation, personal holiday or CTO credits" (CSU, 2005).
The CCC-UGPM team of Manager Tony Berida and Coach Gilbert Tipolo came into the court ready to play but Alpha Eagles, due to the work schedule of its players and the vacation leave of some of their players, could not field the required five players at buzzer time and hand in a silver platter the third place trophy to CCC-UGPM.
Among the items being reviewed are remuneration and working conditions (annual vacation leave, sick leave, working time), and the introduction of a new performance-based appraisal system in the public sector.
* You may have accrued not just sick leave, but also annual vacation leave (every full-time employee is entitled to at least 12 days of paid vacation a year).
21, most of which are usual and customary money transfers, from unpaid bills to funding payment of accrued vacation leave to a town employee.
Employees who work less than full time will receive prorated sick and vacation leave. Under the prior contract, employees who worked at least 32 hours a week had been eligible to receive full leave accruals.
All participants who work at least 90 days earn vacation leave and sick leave.
This compares unfavourably to the UAE, where mothers are not only entitled to their full vacation leave; they also receive 45 days of leave with full pay - including days used before birth.
I pay her vacation leave plus one month's salary in full and extra money for her family when she goes on vacation.
137 countries have paid vacation leave, including all developed countries.
It was reported meanwhile that the Parliament had postponed debates on the transfer of BGN 1.4 B from the National Health Insurance Fund (NZOK) to the fiscal reserve because Djankov is still on vacation leave.