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VAHVillage of Arlington Heights (Arlington Heights, IL)
VAHValue Area High (market trading)
VAHHeavy Attack Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1955 to 1971)
VAHVeterans Administration Hospital
VAHVoluntary Action Harrow (UK)
VAHVan Atta High (band)
VAHvisceroatrial heterotaxia
VAHVolatile Aromatic Hydrocarbon
VAHValour and Honour (gaming)
VAHVertical Array Hydrophone (US Navy)
VAHAttack Squadron, Heavy
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To determine the relationship of VAH and ischemic stroke, VAH should be differentiated from acquired stenosis accurately at first.
Among those with VAH, 60 were in males and 40 in females.
When the young woman tells him that the villagers respect him, Vah Pengu responds, "I'd rather have them call me strange than respect me.
Not only because Slovakia's longest river, the Vah, runs straight through Piesany, but also because of the Sava water reservoir, which is reachable even on foot.
ANA limits foreign ownership of Australian international airlines to 49% and VAH confirmed on Friday that all conditions of the proposal have been satisfied or waived.
There are further research missions planned in the location, and the object itself will undergo more analysis, he added.It is the second significant object found in the Vah river in Trnava region, he added, that was reported to preservationists.
Under an agreement, the company's 90%-owned subsidiary, VGX Animal Health (VAH), has sold the animal health assets to Plumbline Life Sciences (PLS) of Korea.
Some of its recent books include United States Naval Aviation 1910-1995; Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons, Volume 1: The History of VA, VAH, VAK, VAL, VAP and VFA Squadrons; and Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons, Volume 2: The History of VP, VPB, VP (HL) and VP(AM) Squadrons.
Police subsequently found the German gun in the Little Danube River on April 16, and the barrel in the Vah River.The experts will show if these are the parts of the gun that also murdered the journalist and his fiancee.
On the same day, the police also found a gun barrel, which may be related to Kuciak's case, in the Vah River near Kolarovo.The police will continue searching on April 17, despite strong currents and a sandy riverbed.