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VSVisual Studio
VSVictoria's Secret
VSVery Special (cognac aged at least 2.5 years)
VSVideo Stream
VSVital Statistics
VSVampire Slayer (half-life mod)
VSVirtual Storage
VSVariable Speed
VSVision Systems
VSVerenigde Staten (Dutch: United States)
VSVeterinary Services (USDA)
VSVirus Scanner
VSVertical Speed
VSVertical Scale
VSVery Severe (rock climbing grade)
VSVital Sign (medical)
VSValais (Wallis; Swiss Canton)
VSVegetative State
VSVenetian Snares (musician)
VSVidal Sassoon
VSVirgin Atlantic Airways (UK, IATA airline code)
VSVeriSign, Inc.
VSVictoria School (Singapore)
VSVolcom Stone (gaming)
VSVery Superior (cognac)
VSVesicular Stomatitis
VSVentilatory Support
VSVoluntary Service
VSVoice Systems
VSVie Scolaire (French: School Life)
VSVector System
VSVeterinary Surgeon
VSVastine (Finnish: reply)
VSVacuum Switch
VSVisual Surveillance (IEEE Workshop)
VSVelocity S (stalling speed; aviation)
VSVolatile Solids
VSVesaire (Turkish: et cetera)
VSVertical Stabilizer
VSSea Control Squadron (US Navy)
VSViewStation (Polycom)
VSVirtual Springfield (Fox Interactive)
VSVertebral Subluxation
VSShip speed
VSVandal Squad (NYPD)
VSVoltage Stabilizer
VSVoltage Sense
VSVery Small Inclusions (3rd lowest quality of diamond)
VSVoluntary Severance (UK)
VSVisiting Staff (member)
VSVanu Sovereignty (Planetside game empire)
VSVertical Slope
VSVandal Squad (graffiti artists in Los Angeles)
VSVirtual Series (fan fiction)
VSVenture Scout
VSVirtual Syscom
VSVehicle Stage
VSVerification Specification
VSVolumetric Solution
VSVirtual Scheduling
VSVapor Suppression
VSDesign Speed for Maximum Gust Intensity
VSVide Super (Latin: See Above)
VSVOR Signal
VSVolti Subito (Turn Quickly)
VSVines Security
VSNavy Scouting Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1920s to 1940s)
VSVardhman Spinning
VSValidation Segment
VSVanguardia Socialista de Bolivia (Socialist Vanguard of Bolivia)
VSVoice Supplement
VSVision Supervisor
VSVehicle Scope
VSVentilation des Services (French: Breakdown Services)
VSValor y Servicio (Spanish: Valor and Service; Guatemalan police slogan)
VSVozdushnyye Sily (Russian: Armed Forces)
VSUrbs Sacra (Latin: Sacred City, epigraphy)
VSsector single-unit (US DoD)
VSValley and Siletz Railroad Company
VSStall speed or the minimum steady flight speed at which the airplane is controllable (aviation)
VSVinstudio (Macau)
VSNavy Air ASW Squadron
VSVoluit Senatus (Latin: The Senate Wanted, epigraphy)
VSVisiting Scientist (various organizations)
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As a result rather than riding the Tour of Poland, he was able to host us and fire the starting pistol for a sportive event celebrating the area's wines - the Cyclosportive des Vins de Valais - that we'd come to ride.
Valais police said the preserved bodies, bearing identity papers, had been discovered by a worker on Tsanfleuron glacier above Les Diablerets ski resort at 8,600ft.
In an overnight statement, Valais cantonal police said that two bodies bearing identity papers had been discovered last week by a worker on Tsanfleuron glacier near a ski lift above Les Diablerets resort at an altitude of 2,615 metres (8,600 feet).
Last year Britain had fewer than 400 Valais, though numbers are rising quickly.
Hosted by the UK Valais Blacknose Sheep Society (VBSSUK), the event saw more than 150 animals being shown, with breeders competing across 13 classes, the winners of which were each presented with a traditional Swiss bell.
The Valais Blacknose remains incredibly rare, with only 12,000 sheep registered in the breed's native country.
The car-free village sits in the shadow of Europe's most picturesque peak, which, at 4,478 metres, offers the highest summer skiing in the Alps -- and fine views of the Valais region's verdant valleys -- at the Klein Matterhorn snowpark.
The Libya-owned energy group said in January it was planning to close the refinery due to "severe market pressures," but the Canton of Valais said it had convinced Tamoil to give a sale one last chance before finalising the closure.
In some cantons such as Fribourg, Bern and Valais they are officially bilingual and one is officially trilingual namely Graubunden.
Chubs, who herds Valais Blacknose sheep - also known as the "world's cutest sheep" - went missing from the family's farm on Thursday, December 4.
beaucoup moins que]Il y a dix ans de cela, on m'a achete 75 millions d'euros, je disais que je ne valais pas ca.
Swiss police confirmed that Sutton died Wednesday when he crashed into a rocky ridge near Trient in the Valais region.