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An employee may claim to a tribunal that his/her application was refused on a ground that is not a valid business reason or that the decision was based on incorrect facts.
77-220, the IRS had reasoned, "lacked economic substance and was only arranged to circumvent the limitation under subchapter S of the Code with respect to the number of shareholders that a small business corporation could have." In each of the letter rulings, there existed a valid business reason for the transactions.
In revoking its earlier ruling, the Service stated that Company had not established a valid business reason for the shortened lunch period and did not prove that there are insufficient eating facilities in the area.
Once again, the existence of a valid business reason for the structure selected is vital to the exempt organization in overcoming any challenge on the grounds that the transaction is a sham.
It turned on the questionable finding and generalization, that refusing to hire over-qualified applicants--despite valid business reasons for doing so--was tantamount to discrimination on the basis of national and ethnic origin.
In those cases, documenting the valid business reasons for having the process can be helpful.
Employers must seriously consider requests and can only refuse if they have valid business reasons. According to the 2008 CBI Employment Trends Survey, 95% of all requests from working parents are agreed.
Similar to statements that I have read from First Technology, we converted charters for valid business reasons. In our case, we were a rural railroad credit union that had grown from approximately $34 million to $330 million via mergers with failing credit unions in different geographical areas.
In the final analysis, there are valid business reasons for retailers to collect ZIP codes--the simplest of which is knowing where your customers are coming from.
Habib has worked as a taxi driver, cleaner and cafe owner since coming to Australia in 1980 and insists he was visiting Pakistan at the time of his arrest for valid business reasons.
The Deloitte report says: "This allotment - for which there did not appear to be valid business reasons, and which was not clearly explained to members - was not properly actioned."
Often times there are valid business reasons as to why processes vary.