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VALVallejo (Amtrak station code; Vallejo, CA)
VALValine (Amino Acid)
VALViking Air Limited (Canada)
VALValue Oriented Algorithmic Language
VALVisual Studio Analyzer Event Log
VALValue Voice Application Language
VALVariable Length
VALValidity Checks
VALVirtual Agent Language
VALValues List
VALVatican City Lira (defunct currency; ISO designation)
VALValidity Checks (File Name Extension)
VALValue Added Logistics (supply chain)
VALVoice Activated Lightstand (photography)
VALVéhicule Automatique Léger (French driverless metro system)
VALVoluntary Agency Liaison
VALVoice Application Language
VALValidation Facility
VALVoluntary Action Leicester (England, UK)
VALValue-Oriented Algorithmic Language
VALVisit Authorization Letter
VALAttack Squadron, Light
VALVisiting Aircraft Line (US Marine Corps)
VALVertical Alarm Limit
VALVideo Associates Labs, Inc. (Austin, TX)
VALVariable Adjustable Life Insurance
VALVulnerability Assessment Laboratory
VALVariable Angle Launcher
VALVehicle Authorization List
VALVicarm Arm Language
VALVehicle Administrative Liaison
VALVehicle Availability List
VALVehicle Assembler/Loader
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Prior to the submission of decision drafts to decision-making offices, departments responsible for validity checks should carry out related investigations.
PVTs, the TOMM does not have any internal validity checks to distinguish
These categories then underwent rigorous reliability and validity checks, including expert analysis, inter-rater agreement, and participant feedback.
General controls include controls to limit access, such as passwords or locks, as well as disaster recovery controls; application controls include limiting access to certain programs, as well as automated controls, such as data validity checks and sequence, range, or limit checks.
The OAG database is the most comprehensive repository of airline schedules in the world, processing up to 50,000 schedule updates each day and applying multiple validity checks prior to making them publicly available.
It calls for a valid database, loading the correct procedure from a time-sensitive database, proper validity checks, CDI and autopilot mode selection.
Therefore, successful validity checks of this nature require both an appropriate selection of supplemental measures as well as results that suggest they are not impacted by the design's treatments.
They are rich in validity checks such as incomplete order, order requires secondary consult, etc.
The new release offers more efficient implementation of stack checks, overflow checks and validity checks and new attributes and pragmas for use with generics, as well as features for associating pre- and post-conditions with subprograms and for selectively enabling or disabling groups of assertions.
Progress toward completing action steps is tracked during validity checks, along with data from the Master List of Students and caseload analysis.
The error has been corrected, and a complete external review of procedures for data estimation and validity checks has been conducted to ensure that this type of error does not occur again.
The researchers received 689 responses, 522 of which passed data validity checks and were analyzed.