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VALISVast Active Living Intelligence System (Philip K. Dick)
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Lady Valis likes Herman Melville, Jo-I-Gee prefers Dashiell Hammett and has a penchant for "bullet-proof prose".
Dick's Valis trilogy inside a relay of texts--by Daniel Paul Schreber, Freud, and Walter Benjamin--which together promote in the details and among the effects of haunting a process of secularization while at the same time addressing and maintaining, in the big picture, the religious frames of reference, but as abandoned ruins, lexicons still deposited in our range of reference, but deposits without redemption value.
7) El segundo explicitamente anade a la referencia temporal el ambito de la privacidad domestica que aqui interesa: "si se estatuyo el admirable siglo XIX fue por lo que tuvo precisamente de casero y cursi, defendiendo sus lamparas y sus cajitas" (236; Valis, The Culture 232).
Tackling the unknown world of dreams that lies in everyone of us, and presenting the original Spanish lyrics alongside their English translation, "Burning Cartography" is a fine book of international poetry, deftly translated by Noel Valis.
Jennifer Klinkert had four hits for the Cougars, and Jessica Valis had three.
Dick is still alive, although possessed by an entity that calls itself VALIS.
Mr Miquel Valis, President of Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation, Spain.
For many critics, the collective nostalgia of communities in exile tends to erase many of the physical and historical negative events associated with the past/distant place--perhaps its ethnic or religious exclusions, its ablist policies, its misogynist or masculinist laws, its homophobic tendencies (Blunt, 1999; Lendon, 2005; Valis, 2000).
A Random Walk down the Genomes: DNA Evolution in VALIS.
An agreement was reached with Star Press Group (SPG), publishers of the PMA France newsletter, whereby membership matters were to be handled by the UK office and events in France were to be organized by Christine Valis, formerly the PMA France Director, who joined SPG as commercial director.
AIMEE NICHOLS (R), 27, is an account executive at Valis & Keelen LLC, a government relations firm in Washington, D.
Aldaraca (1989; 1992) has examined how the hysteric in Spain, as elsewhere, was constructed by the language that defined her, and how the construction of woman was along religious and social lines (1991); Valis (1992; 1994; 2000) provides a similar contextualization.