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VTAValley Transportation Authority (San Jose, California)
VTAVentral Tegmental Area
VTAVideo Terminal Adapter
VTAVirtual Tape Appliance
VTAVariable Transfer Address
VTAVirtual Terminal Agreement
VTAValluvan Tamil Academy (Virginia)
VTAVocational Training Adult (Rhode Island)
VTAVent to Atmosphere (automobile air circulation)
VTAVoluntary Tanker Agreement (US DoD)
VTAVirginia Tourism Authority
VTAVulnerability Threat Assessment
VTAMartha's Vineyard Transit Authority (Massachusetts)
VTAVacuum Triode Amplifier
VTAVancouver Tennis Association (Vancouver, Canada)
VTAVFR Terminal Area
VTAVirtual Tape Appliance (IBM)
VTAVirginia Technology Alliance (Midlothian, VA)
VTAVariable Term Agreement
VTAVertex Time of Arrival
VTAAir Tahiti French Polynesia (ICAO code)
VTAVehicle Test Area
VTAVertical Tonearm Angle (stereos)
VTAVarnished Tube Association
VTASoviet Airborne Transport
VTAVanguard Technology Alliance
VTAVendor to Advise (various industries)
VTAVendor Technology Assessment
VTAVisual Targeting Aid
VTAVirginia Telecommunications Association
VTAViterbi-Like Tracking Algorithm
VTAVisitor Traffic Analyzer
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Securities and Exchange Commission, assigned a 'AA' rating to the following Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, California (VTA) bonds: --$106 million sales tax revenue refunding bonds, 2018 series A.
Networking vendor Allied Telesis has been chosen by Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) to design, deploy and support a digital signage solution for its light rail platforms throughout Santa Clara County.
International Resource News-February 3, 2012--The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority collaborates with SunPower Corp(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
Skanska AB (STO:SKAB) announced today the signing of a design-build contract to construct a 16 kilometre extension of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system by Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA).
The Valley Transportation Authority built a test section of track using TDA and ultimately proceeded with construction using TDA.
California's Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) recently announced that VTA passengers can ride throughout the month of May on the authority's new fuel cell-powered, zero-emission bus (ZEB).
As an extension of its heavy-duty engine programs, Ballard recently began the integration of its fuel cell system into the first of three Gillig buses at its Burnaby, B.C., facilities, for delivery to Gillig's customer, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) in 2004.
About a year later, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority in San Jose, California, will introduce fuel cell-powered buses as part of a two-year experiment during which such factors as safety, ease of maintenance and operation, and public acceptance will be evaluated.
In another context, Council Member Charlotte Powers spoke about the merger of various transportation departments in the San Jose area to form the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) which addresses congestion and clean air issues and now oversees all roads, bicycle trails, bridges, pedestrian access, and street maintenance.
San Francisco: Fitch Ratings has assigned a 'AA' rating to the following Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, California (VTA) bonds:
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