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VALPOValparaiso (University)
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Specialising in South American cooking and seafood, Valparaiso was frequented by Chilean international footballer Mark Gonzalez during his stint at Liverpool FC.
As night fell, firefighters were working to keep the flames from reaching populated areas of Valparaiso, a hilly city of mostly wooden houses that is part gritty low-income and part artistic retreat popular with tourists.
In April, a wildfire killed 15 people and destroyed about 3,000 homes in the port city of Valparaiso.
The fire in Valparaiso could be seen as a tragic natural disaster that caused massive damage without any distinction," Ignacia Ossul and Rafael Silva, former directors of the anti-poverty organization Techo-Valparaiso, wrote in a recent opinion piece published by the online news site El Mostrador.
Over the decades of the 20th century, Valparaiso University, like many other Christian colleges and universities, has gradually relinquished its Christian identity.
Summary: Valparaiso (Chili) - Chilean Foreign Minister Alfredo Moreno Charme has described as "good" relations between his country and Morocco.
5% increase, bringing 54,000 passengers and 18,000 crewmembers eager to spend money, according to the Valparaiso Passenger Terminal (VTP), the passenger subsidiary of Chilean shipping company Agunsa.
Schroeder (Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Programs in Management at the College of Business Administrations at Valparaiso University) is an innovative guide to saving money, effort, time and also provides an informative introduction to entirely new ways of doing business with front-line employees, making the most out of opportunities and maximizing the benefits of sound, effective management.
A significant example of this trend is found in the sale and relocation of Magnequench, a company formerly based in Valparaiso, Indiana, that manufactured roughly 80 percent of the rare-earth magnets used in building smart bombs.
Freid, a graduate of Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Ind.
Carey describes herself using places--"Watertown (as in Wisconsin), Valparaiso (as in University), Chicago, Boone (as in North Carolina), Chicago, Watertown, Ann Arbor.
The eastbound reverse itinerary embarks from Valparaiso on March 22 and arrives in Rio on April 3.